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Frymaster Double Fryer with Filtration

2002 Frymaster Double Fryer w/ Filtration

Gas fryers can retail for up to $20,000.00!!  But you can save a small fortune by buying quality pre-owned equipment from us… Your Equipment Guys!


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2002 Frymaster Double Fryer w/ Dumping Station and Built in Filtration, NG

Regular filtration is the key to extending oil life and to ensuring quality fried foods. The filtering process is fast and easy, encouraging frequent filtering — a critical part of maximizing oil life, especially with trans-fat free oils. It is also sequential, so one fryer may be filtered while the others are still in use.  This double fryer is engineered with features that allow added convenience, easier serviceability and allows for using three different filter mediums with one pan.

Model: FMH250SD

Serial No.: 0205II0010

Natural Gas

Two (2) Fry Stations

Built in Dump Station

This double fryer is clean and in good working condition. Get twice as much done with two fry stations! This Frymaster has a built in dump station and would be a great addition to your kitchen, cafeteria, etc.!


Serial # 0205II0010

Dimensions 47 x 32 x 52 in