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Frymaster Digital Control Fryers w/ Filtration

Frymaster Digital Control Fryers w/ Filtration, Nat Gas

Beautiful condition Double Fryer with Dump Station. Removed from a school system that had not used it in years, because they changed the meal programs years ago to stop frying. Always maintained and in excellent working condition. We re-tested here at the shop. The unit was connected and filled with the proper amount of oil, and all connections, valves and hoses were checked for leaks and repaired if any were found. The pilot was lit and brought up to maximum temperature. All heating sources and their controls were tested for proper functionality, and the fry pot was checked for leaks and proper draining. The unit was left on for several hours to ensure it can sustain maximum temperature. It was used for a timed cook and checked for consistency. We ran a cycle through the filter system… Pump worked properly. Also the automatic basket lifts all worked well and pre-set programs were correct. This Used Frymaster FM245EBLSC Fryer passed all quality control tests and is in good condition.

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Frymaster FM245EBLCSC Natural Gas 100 lb. 2 Unit High-Efficiency Gas Floor Fryer System with Digital Controls, FILTRATION – 122,000 BTU

Fry up anything from french fries to chicken wings with this Frymaster FM245EBLCSC natural gas 100 lb. 2 unit high-efficiency gas floor fryer system with Digital controls. Made for high volume use, efficiency, and easy filtering, this fryer system offers the convenience of built in filtration combined with state of the art technology. 

Each fryer features simple digital controls to let you make almost instant adjustments to your cooking cycles. They also ensure pinpoint accuracy when measuring oil temperature while allowing for high production and fast recovery times.

Since this fryer system is made of durable stainless steel, it will last through rigorous use in your restaurant, concession stand, or bar. This model has an open pot design that is easy to clean, and each fry pot has a deep cold zone and slopes toward the front to allow quick draining and disposal of oil and crumbs. For efficient, state of the art heat transfer, this model uses high-tech infrared burners to heat the oil. Each fryer also comes with two twin fry baskets per frypot for your convenience.

To make filtering your oil easy, this fryer battery comes with a built-in filtration system. It has a 50 lb. capacity but can still fit inside the fryer cabinet housing to save space. With this filter system, you can clean out one fryer tank while the other is still in use. The large 3″ drain line allows oil to drain freely for quicker filtering so that the entire cycle can be completed in less than five minutes. This oil filtration system uses a 1/3 hp motor and a 4 gpm pump to move the oil and a stainless steel crumb catcher to remove larger particles.

This fryer system uses a total of 122,000 BTU and requires a natural gas connection and a 120V electrical connection for operation.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 47″
Depth: 29 5/8″
Height: 45 5/8″
Capacity (per frypot): 50 lb.
Frying Area (per frypot): 14″ x 15″ x 4 1/2″

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