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Frymaster Commercial Natural Gas Fryer

Frymaster MJH50 Commercial Natural Gas Fryer

These would be a great addition to any commercial kitchen. We have three of these awesome units, and they have consecutive serial numbers as well.  These units can retail for up to $9,000.00!!!! …………. But you can save a small fortune by buying quality pre-owned equipment from us… Your Equipment Guys!

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2000 Frymaster MJH50 Gas Fryers


  • Electronic ignition, melt cycle 
  • Open-pot design (split or full), easy-to-clean 
  • Durable centerline temperature sensor, 7- to10-second response to loads 
  • Solid-state controller
  • Deep cold zone
  • Low flue temperature 
  • Boil-out mode
  • Turbo jet infrared burners 

The MJH50 has a maximum 50-lbs. (25 liters*) shortening capacity. The frying area is 14 x 15 in. (356 x 381 mm). This 80,000 BTU (20,151kcal) (23.4 kW) model is designed for high- volume frying with maximum fuel efficiency. The solid-state controller assures pinpoint accuracy of shortening temperature, extending shortening life and producing a uniformly-cooked product. The sensor is mounted in the center to permit quick sensing of any temperature drop caused by cold food placed in either side of the cooking area. The infrared power burner directs its heat on a large heat transfer area to fry more product with less fuel consumption. The open-pot design has no hard-to-clean tubes and can easily be wiped down and cleaned by hand.

The large cold zone catches crumbs and sediment from the frying area. Since these particles are trapped in the cold zone, they do not carbonize, contaminate shortening or cling to fried products.

The MJH50 model uses a 120V (220V for export) supply. Multiproduct frying computers, basket lifts and filter systems are available. Up to six fryers can be batteried together to form a FootPrint® PRO System. Filter Magic PRO is available underneath one (up to six) full-sized fryer and contains a spreader. The spreader cabinet can include an optional heat lamp and dump station. The heat lamp can be a choice of rod style or bulb type. The dump stations can use either cafeteria- style pan or scoop-type pan. The heat lamp and pans are integrated into the cabinet, making a complete warming station. The solid-state controls, electronic ignition and melt cycle are standard.

Boil-out mode is activated by setting the temperature to 200°F.

Each side of the MJH50-2 — split pot fryer operates on 40,000 BTU/hr. (10,076 kcal/hr.) (11.7 kW), has a maximum shortening capacity of 25 lbs. (12 liters*), and has a frying area of 6-1/2 x 15 inches (165 x 381 mm). This fryer has all of the features and options of the MJH50 and gives the operator the discretion of using only half the fryer.


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