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Double Stack Oven. Cook and Hold

2006 Alto-Shaam Low-Temp Cook and Hold Double Stack Oven

These units can retail for up to $5,000 per unit, and this comes double stacked!!  You can save a small fortune by buying quality pre-owned equipment from us… Your Equipment Guys! We are based in Charlotte, NC and can ship your items anywhere in the US! Please give us a call if you have any questions and be sure to ask about all of our other equipment since we have so much more than what you see here online. Additionally, we Buy, Sell and Trade equipment. We travel all over the country to take apart restaurants and can either purchase or auction your place for you. If you have a need in that department, we hope you think of us first!!



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2006 Alto-Shaam 750-TH-11 Low-Temp Cook and Hold Double Stack Oven

Bring consistent quality to every dish you prepare using Halo Heat® technology in a 750-TH/II simple control Cook and Hold oven. Halo Heat utilizes unique thermal cabling and low temperature cooking, which activates the natural enzymes present in meat and tenderizes as it cooks and holds. Prime rib, roast beef sandwiches and barbecued ribs are taken to the next level when prepared with Alto-Shaam’s original Cook & Hold oven.

  • Capacity – 100 pounds (45 kilograms), 10 full-size/GN 1/1 pans.
  • Halo Heat – No fans, forced air or added humidity allow for greater moisture and even cooking.
  • Greater yield & better quality – Significant moisture retention relates to longer holding life and extra servings from each item prepared.
  • Stackable Design – This specific unit is stacked.
  • Simple manual controls – Features manual dials, the most straightforward approach for time and temperature settings.
  • Moves where needed – Optional low profile casters allow the unit to be placed beneath a standard counter.