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Electrolux Blast Chiller/Combi Oven Tower of Power Cook & Chill System

Electrolux Blast Chiller/Combi Oven Tower of Power Cook & Chill System

Electrolux Professional offers the ultimate cooking solution with the Tower of Power. The stacked combination oven on top of blast chiller/shock freezer provides the best of both worlds for the fast-paced food industry. While the air-o-steam helps cook food thoroughly in a timely manner, the air-o-chill blast chiller/shock freezer completes the stacked configuration by providing a fast yet safe method of quick chilling and freezing food product. Save valuable money by eliminating food waste and spoilage while promoting food safety.

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Electrolux AOS061ETV1 Tower of Power Cook & Chill System

These items were removed directly from the sales floor of Electrolux Commercial as displayed items. Although the manufacturer dates differ, these items are new and unused and cost $13,995.00 each.

Model: AOS061ETV1
Serial Number: 2161001
480 V, Phase 3 , 60 Hz, 9.6 KW, 12 A, Manufactured in 2012
Model: AOFS061CTU
Serial Number: 71510003
208 V, Phase 3, 60 Hz, 15 A, Manufactured in 2017
Features and Benefits:
  • Each holds (6) 13 x 18″ half-size food pans 
  • Food Quality – Using set cooking parameters, operators are able to maintain absolute control over uniformity and quality every time.
  • Consistent Quality – Programmable touchscreen ovens ensure consistency and meals are prepared exactly the same every time, no matter the location or operation.
  • Speed of Service – Cooking, chilling, retherming food products ahead of time can reduce time in execution and delivery during stressful times.
  • Optimum Sanitation – With a Cook & Chill process, food is handled rarely and exposed to external elements rarely. Food is cooked, chilled, frozen, stored and then rethermed under controlled environments.
  • The stacked configuration takes up less real estate than a typical combi oven next to a blast chiller.