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Imperial Brown Commercial Refrigeration Walk-in Cooler

2017 Imperial Brown Commercial Refrigeration Walk-in Cooler 1ph 200-230v

A walk-in cooler like this would cost over $12,000!!! But You can save a small fortune by buying quality pre-owned equipment from us… Your Equipment Guys! We are based in Charlotte, NC and can ship your items anywhere in the US!! Please give us a call if you have any questions and be sure to ask about all of our other equipment since we have so much more than what you see here online. Additionally, we Buy, Sell and Trade equipment. We travel all over the country to take apart restaurants and can either purchase or auction your place for you. If you have a need in that department, we hope you think of us first!!  

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Very nice condition 2017 W.M. Brown Commercial Walk-In cooler. Strong walls with 2×4″ Construction on the sides where the panels lock together in place rather than just the foam sides. This unit is made for setup directly on a flat surface like tile or concrete… it does not have its own floor. Cooler comes with the entry door and a double glass door in the front right corner (looking at the cooler from the front) for display of product. This cooler was recently removed from a Papa Murphy’s Pizza that was only open for 9 Months. Cooler is in great condition. Comes with a Heatcraft Condensing unit for the refrigeration. You will need a licensed HVAC contractor to re-install the refrigeration. Cooler is uninstalled and ready for delivery or pickup. WE have it protected from the elements here inside our warehouse. Please inspect the pictures and see that we had to cut a hole in 2 places to remove the panels from around installed fire sprinklers. You will need to patch these which is easy to do with sheet metal and foam sealant. 

Dimensions: 210x96x99″ (Outside dimensions)
Heatcraft Condensor
Model: MOH015X62CFMT
Part # 89016401
Serial #T16M04832
50-60 hz
Outdoor compressor

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