Atlantic Metalworks GI-100 Grease Trap, Carbon Steel Construction, 100 lbs cap.

Atlantic Metalworks GI-100 Grease Trap, Carbon Steel Construction, 100 lbs cap.


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Some individuals buy grease traps based on the physical size of their store. Grease traps are measured by the output of water flow, not the capacity of a restaurant. Some bigger stores may need a GI-100, but some smaller stores with a greater output may also need the same exact size.The GI-100 is the biggest grease interceptor offered by Atlantic Metalworks. With a very sturdy carbon steel design and PDI certificate of approval, this grease trap will keep excess oils, fats, and grease from blocking up a main sewage line or breaking your pipes.

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These grease traps generally cost around $600.00 new, but you can save a small fortune by buying quality pre-owned equipment from us, Your Equipment Guys! We serve the Charlotte, NC area and can ship your items anywhere in the US.

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Model: GI-100

Overall Dimensions: 32-1/2″ W x 22″ D x 21-1/2″ H

Weight: 175 lbs

Standard Features:

  • Manufactured with specially chosen compound materials to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Gallons Per Minute: 50
  • Inlet/Outlet Nominal Pipe Size: 4″
  • Both ends accept no-hub adapters for steel or plastic, t-vent pipe included
  • Inlet/Outlet Nominal Pipe Size: 4″
  • PDI Certified


GI-100 Grease Trap Specifications

Model GI-8 GI-14 GI-20 GI-30 GI-40 GI-50 GI-70 GI-100
Capacity (lbs) 8 14 20 30 40 50 70 100
Gallons Per Minute 4 7 10 15 20 25 35 50
Nominal Pipe Size (in) 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 4
Width (in) 16 18 22 22 1/4 24 1/4 27 3/8 30 1/4 32 1/4
Depth (in) 10 1/4 13 3/8 14 3/8 15 3/4 15 3/4 18 3/8 17 7/8 22
Height (in) 11 1/4 12 1/8 12 1/8 13 7/8 15 16 1/2 19 3/8 21 1/2
Weight (lbs) 40 54 59 69 78 98 128 175


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