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Automatic Deli Slicer

2003 Bizerba SE12DUS Automatic Deli Slicer

Bizerba SE12DUS Automatic Deli Slicer
Model: SE12DUS
Nr/No: 10110770
The Bizerba Automatic Deli Slicer uses gravity and is easy to operate even when slicing heavy products thanks to its ergonomic, inclined carriage and the Bizerba precision. The automatic slicing movement makes work easier allowing the operator more time for sales. This individual and powerful slicer can be used for a variety of products to be sliced in manual and automatic mode. It also consists of a powerful intelligent Emotion® blade drive that saves energy with less noise in the sales area and the machine barely heats up on blade and depositing area to help products stay fresh for a longer period of time.

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Standard Features:
  • Unique low-profile carriage design
  • A powerful gravity feed precision slicer
  • Can be used in automatic or manual mode
  • The carriage’s excellent gliding effect is facilitated by slip grooves integrated in the unit’s housing
  •  Optimal slicing performance is ensured by the unit’s hollow-ground blade made of special grade chrome-plated steel and the powerful, maintenance-free blade drive featuring an internal cooling system operated by a robust multiple-ribbed belt.