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Automatic Slicer Conveyor System

2008 Bizerba Fully Automatic Slicer Conveyor System

What a beautiful machine!  This beast of a machine retails for over $42,000.00!!  But you can save a small fortune by buying quality pre-owned equipment from us… Your Equipment Guys!

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2008 Bizerba A 406 FB 42″ Fully Automatic Slicer Conveyor System With Table Stacker Shingler Shaver, 13″ Diameter Blade, 23-5/8″ Carriage And 204-Stand With Retractable Casters, 120 Volts


This heavy-duty automatic slicer conveyor system is designed to run 2 shifts a day. Precise stacking and shingling programs increase productivity. The virtually hands-free operation improves hygiene and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

A 400 FB (Conveyor version)

Stack, shingle, shave
Programmable with up to 99 memories
Max. Stack height = 2.4”
Shingle traditionally, transverse, multi-layer, multi-row (3)n Adjustable distance between slices, 3 mm-50 mm
Total shingle portion length = No Limits
Shaving with optional attachment
Standard 13” blade
Product size round: min. = 2”, max. = 7”
Product size rectangular: min. = 2” x 2”, max. 6.89” x 9.45”

Product up to 15” long without re-clamping

Multiple chubs in carriage for full production, up to 10” wide.

Slice thickness = 0.5-12 mm, adjustable in tenths

Adjustable carriage speed: 30-55 strokes per minute

Cleaning and Sharpening programs for total safety

Two carriage lengths available: 400 mm and 600 mm

Built in diagnostic program

4 foot long conveyor allows for maximum production

Particularly suitable for continuous operation.

Best blade in the industry

The unique design of our blade produces clean and consistent slices. The hardness results in a long lasting sharp edge. The life of the blade is dramatically longer than the competition. The circumference translates into an additional 4“ of blade passing through the product per revolution. Our standard blade is the hardest, thinnest, largest, straightest blade in the industry.

13” diameter, chromium coated hard alloy

60-62 Rockwell hardness at the edge

Safety, precision and proven Bizerba quality are the outstanding features of the fully automatic A 400 FB series.


50x34x55  435lbs

Serial# 10433605