Terms & Conditions

LIMITED “Clean, Running & Shop Tested” WARRANTY

We take the “as-is” piece of equipment and do a minimum of work in the shop to make it a running, complete machine. It will be cleaned inside and out. It will be run tested in our shop. It will have all of its “OSHA” guards. It may or may not have new paint and/or electrical components. It will be mechanically and electrically tuned-up to just the basic level. Your Equipment Guys only warrants equipment shipped within the United States of America. Your Equipment Guys guarantees that the equipment will be in working order upon installation. Installation must be performed by an authorized Your Equipment Guys service agency. If an item sold by Your Equipment Guys, LLC. does not work upon delivery and cannot be fixed, Your Equipment Guys may in this case offer an in-store credit for another piece of equipment equal to the value of the item in question. Equipment is sold with a 30 day parts warranty. Your Equipment Guys will only pay for parts that are deemed necessary for the proper operation of the unit. Only parts purchased from a Your Equipment Guys authorized service agency will be honored.

All used equipment sales are final.  No returns, no refunds.

Used Items may not be returned because they do not meet the buyers needs. This means that if you buy a piece of equipment to perform a task that may not be it’s original purpose, we would be unable to exchange the item.  We urge you to ask as many questions as you feel needed before making your purchase.


Although every effort has been made to photograph and describe this item accurately and completely, it is being sold “As Is” with no warranties expressed or implied. If it’s not in the picture, it probably doesn’t come with it. Please ask. We do not accept returns! This listing describes in detail all aspects of the item. And we also include a video that shows the unit in the working condition that we observe, if applicable. All units will be described exactly as they are!

If you have any questions please call us!!

We do not accept responsibility for damage after the item leaves our location. It will leave our building in good condition. Filing of damage claims with the freight carrier is the sole responsibility of the buyer.  Please inspect your items upon receipt.  Any damages must be documented with the freight carrier before they depart your location. We insure ALL of our shipments and take photographs when they are wrapped prior to shipping.

We also cannot warranty equipment. Warranties are only available from the manufacturer on new equipment for a limited time. If you prefer a warranty we suggest you pay the higher cost for new equipment. We test every piece we are capable of, prior to sending it out. We have tested this item and show it working in our pictures, but please be aware we are selling this item ‘AS IS’ and make no claims to the functionality of the item once it leaves our facility. We sell our equipment at a deep discount from the new price and want you to consider it as NOT WORKING regardless of the pictures so you understand that if you need a part like a thermostat or something… we do not account for this.

On refrigeration equipment, because the solder holding lines together becomes brittle over time, vibrations during shipping could cause it to crack and lead to a refrigeration leak. Occasionally an item we listed as “cooling” may no longer cool after shipping. Your cost to repair and recharge the system should be minimal. We do not cover this or accept returns because of this. Please understand we do not send an item that is not working unless specifically stated as such, so any refrigerated item that is not cooling once received probably needs to be checked out on your end. Again, we sell our equipment at a deep discount compared to the cost of new equipment. We cannot then be expected to make a repair as well. This is why we make sure it works properly before sending it to you the customer. Our reputation is very important to us and we work very hard at listing only our best equipment for sale, stating it accurately and honestly in the listing, and sending out only a quality product. Thank you for your interest in our equipment. PLEASE INSPECT THE PICTURES CAREFULLY.

On electrical items such as Heavy Duty Mixers, large coolers, etc… Your item may come without a plug. This is most typical with large mixers since many times they are hard wired directly into an electrical outlet. If this is the case you are required to have a certified electrician do your connection. Customers have improperly wired items sent to them and then called us claiming the item does not work. Many times this will blow the motor on equipment. We will not honor such a claim without proof of proper installation from a certified technician who is qualified to make such a connection.

** This item must be installed/wired by a licensed Equipment Installer/electrician. Your Equipment Guys, LLC will not be responsible for any issues concerning the equipment sold within the 14 day return period if the equipment was not installed by a licensed professional.

If your item includes free shipping** and you decide to return it for any reason, the shipping fees will be deducted from your refund. We do accept returns, but not for a claim of “Item doesn’t match the description” since we claim nothing towards the functionality.

Thank you!

**SHIPPING includes business to business with standard ship only. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE A HOME BUSINESS OR ANY BUILDING IN A RESIDENTIAL AREA. THE SHIPPING COMPANIES DO NOT RECOGNIZE THEM AS BUSINESS SO IT WILL HAVE RESIDENTIAL RATES ATTACHED TO IT. If you require liftgate service or your business is deemed ‘LIMITED ACCESS’ by the shipping company, we will charge you accordingly once we get the quote for the extra service.

Your order will be delivered curbside on a full size 18 wheeler unless we are told you need other arrangements…

You are responsible for:

  • Removing the shipment from the truck
  • Bringing it into your location
  • Noting damaged or missing items on the carrier’s delivery receipt
  • If you do not make note of these issues in any way on the delivery receipt, we cannot guarantee any compensation for damaged or missing items. By signing your name on the delivery receipt without declaring these exceptions, you are stating that you have received your shipment in acceptable condition.

Upon inspection, if any piece of the shipment is damaged or missing:

  • Note it clearly on the delivery receipt before signing (ie – “missing 3 pieces”, “holes in packaging”, “multiple dents on table”, etc.)
  • Keep your copy of the delivery receipt
  • Contact us within 1 business day
  • Keep the damaged packing materials for inspection

Take pictures of the damaged items and packaging


This website is operated by YourEquipmentGuys, a North Carolina LLC. To purchase from YourEquipmentGuys, the buyer must agree to and accept all terms and conditions listed here.

YourEquipmentGuys strives to create a positive experience for all our customers and welcomes your suggestions. We value our reputation and hope you will give us the opportunity to proactively address any concerns you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone (705-535-0607), or email (help@yourequipmentguys.com) with any questions.

YourEquipmentGuys may update these Terms and Conditions at any time. We will revise the iteration date at the bottom of this page to reflect the most recent update. We encourage you to frequently check this page for any changes.

The buyer or user, hereafter referred to as you, is responsible for reading and accepting these Terms and Conditions during checkout. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review these Terms and Conditions before purchase and to periodically check and be aware of modifications.


Buyer’s Responsibility

You are responsible for obtaining all information necessary to make an educated decision regarding the purchase. You accept responsibility for checking applicable state and local codes and for ensuring items meet those codes before purchasing.

You will not hold YourEquipmentGuys responsible for anything not stated in the listing or included in the picture, including, but not limited to, assumptions made by you or any verbal statements.


You are responsible for paying for the item(s), taxes, and fees associated with purchase. All prices on Yourequipmentguys.com are listed in US dollars. All orders are on a prepaid basis and payments will be processed immediately in full.

Payment may be made with American Express, Visa or MasterCard. Customers may enter credit card information with confidence via our secure checkout.

We accept credit card payments drawn on US banks only. If you are ordering from outside the US or intend to pay with a card drawn on a foreign bank, please contact YourEquipmentGuys.

Other accepted payment types include wire transfers or certified bank checks. Purchases made via wire transfer need pre-approval. You are responsible for paying all fees charged by bank so that Your Equipment Guys receives the full payment amount (in U.S. dollars). Purchases made via money orders or certified bank checks require pre-approval. If you have a deadline for receipt of order, we suggest you use any payment type besides wire transfers, money orders or certified bank checks as these payment types slow down the order process.

Sales Tax

Sales tax is charged on all items received in North Carolina or picked up from our warehouse, located in Charlotte, NC. Sales tax rate is determined by the applicable tax rate of the area where the item is received. Items purchased online or in the showroom and picked up in store will be charged the 7.25% tax rate of this area. Sales taxes and fees for other states and locations in North Carolina, as charged by the receiving municipality, are added to the invoice during checkout.

Please be aware there may be other sale or use tax obligations that apply to your purchase for which you are responsible. You can find information regarding local tax regulations at your local tax office.

Warranties and Condition of Merchandise

We, the seller, and all our suppliers, agree to present all items for sale as accurately as possible based on the information available to us and on our knowledge at time of posting. While we stand behind the accuracy of our listing, there may be some small details that are not included in product descriptions; there is no guarantee regarding accuracy of information.

Merchandise must be assembled, installed, and adjusted by knowledgeable, licensed, authorized and experienced personnel. Improper installations may cause malfunction and may void any warranty.

There are NO WARRANTIES of merchantability or fitness for a particular use.

Used Merchandise Condition

All USED merchandise is sold ‘AS IS / WHERE IS’ and ‘WITH ALL FAULTS’. There is no guarantee that equipment sold as USED will arrive in clean-as-new condition or in working order. We strive to test every piece and list its condition and functionality accurately. If for some reason we are unable to do so, either for lack of the necessary electrical requirements or gas, we will clearly list that.

Special Notes:

  • Regarding Used Refrigeration Equipment: Because the solder holding refrigeration lines together becomes brittle as it ages, vibrations during shipping could cause it to crack and could lead to a refrigerant leak. Occasionally an item we described as cooling may no longer cool after shipping. Your cost to repair and recharge the system should be minimal.
  • Regarding Used Equipment with Lighting Features: We do not certify or test the lighting features of used merchandise. We cannot guarantee the bulbs or wiring will being intact after shipping. For these reasons, we do not consider the functioning status of used equipment lighting to be grounds for return, refusal, or refund.

New Merchandise Condition

Any concerns about NEW merchandise will be limited to what is covered in the particular manufacturer’s warranty.

Misuse or mishandling of equipment can result in the manufacturer’s warranty being voided. You should be aware that a commercial equipment warranty might be voided if the equipment is placed in a residential setting.

You will hold Your Equipment Guys harmless for all matters regarding the item, including, but not limited to, any matters regarding the manufacturer’s performance per the warranty.

Shipping Selection

Shipping is available within the contiguous United States only; this excludes Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories. If you need shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or a US Territory, please contact us.

Only curbside delivery is offered. Your Equipment Guys does not offer or arrange for inside delivery.

Shipping is business to business. Free shipping promotions are granted with the agreement that the merchandise will be kept. Any amount disclosed as Shipping Promotion will be considered as part of original shipping costs during a refund calculation. 

Optional Delivery Add-ons

There are multiple services that will expedite or ease the delivery of your shipment. These are considered non-standard delivery add-ons to our standard shipping service pricing and as such each item will have a fee associated with it. Usage of these optional delivery add-ons is at your discretion and are not required in order for shipment to take place.

These non-standard add-on delivery services are available for selection in the checkout. Optional delivery add-ons have fees that are not covered by free shipping promotions.

Residential delivery does have a fee associated with it for any items over 15 pounds or with any box dimension larger than 12 inches. While this is listed under optional delivery add-ons, these fees are due to the added difficulty of freight shipments being delivered. Please see the table below for more details.

Non-Standard Add-on Delivery Services include:

  • Residential Delivery: Shipping carriers offer residential address drop-off service for an additional fee. Schools, military bases, home businesses and churches are considered to be residential addresses.
  • Liftgate Delivery: Liftgates are used to lower the contents of the delivery truck to ground-level. If your order contains heavy items and you do not have a loading dock, forklift, or other methods to unload the delivery, then a liftgate is recommended.
  • Call before Delivery: If selected, an agent of the freight carrier will call you prior to delivery. To help you avoid potential re-delivery fees, we recommend this service to ensure you are available to receive your shipment.

Insurance on shipments are not a standard for our shipping or delivery service. You may call to discuss options and fees. Any minimum order fees charged by suppliers will be added to the invoice during checkout.

Order Fulfillment


Orders are shipped after processing. Please allow up to 10 business days for items to be shipped, unless noted in item listing. Generally transit of shipment is 3-5 business days but may take longer. Due to occasional stock issues or custom-made merchandise, orders may potentially take 4-6 weeks to ship. We cannot guarantee shipping times of items that are not regularly stocked in our warehouse. You can check your order status via your account on Yourequipmentguys.com or by calling customer support at 704-535-0607.

You are responsible for all costs related to the shipment, including charges by the shipping company that were not paid during check out. These might include, but are not limited to: additional charges due to inaccurate information provided to Your Equipent Guys relating to the delivery, charges due to failed delivery attempt(s) by the shipping company, etc.

Any shipment that is refused or cannot be delivered AND is returned by the carrier will be considered an unauthorized return.

Delivery & Receipt of Order

You are responsible for inspecting the shipment during delivery by the shipping company for damages, both obvious and hidden. You will accept the delivery and note on the delivery receipt any damages or concerns. If the item is damaged beyond the point of being in working or usable condition, please refuse delivery and immediately notify Your Equipment Guys. We will work with the shipping provider to replace the item for you.

Failure to notate any defects could result in a significant reduction in the carrier’s liability during damage claims. You are responsible for filing any loss or damage claims in the manner and time frame directed by the carrier. You are responsible for any concerns, issues, or charges for the shipments and agree to hold Your Equipment Guys, its suppliers, and its vendors harmless.

Shipping companies do not allow third parties to file or get involved in a damage claim. Your Equipment Guys is a third party in the shipment of most of the items it sells. Your Equipment Guys will willingly assist you with the filing and handling of the claims based on your needs and requests.

Problem Reporting

Problems or concerns must be reported by email to Your Equipment Guys within 15 days of receipt of the item. If you call to report an item damaged in transit we do not consider the report official until we have confirmation of damages and have sent you a confirmation email.

Any reports of malfunction may require a detailed inspection report from a qualified technician. You agree to cooperate with problem identification and correction efforts.

You agree to abide by Your Equipment Guys decisions regarding problem resolution.

Customer Pickup

Customer pickup is available at our Gastonia location for many in-stock items. Our showroom located at 1109 E. Ozark Ave. Gastonia, NC 28054. Pickup times are Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm excluding most holidays. To pick up an item, please come into our warehouse offices and speak to an associate at the front counter. Proof of identity is required to pick up an item.

If you give us notice, your order will be pulled to the warehouse loading dock and ready for loading when you arrive.

Our warehouse staff will be happy to assist you loading your vehicle; however securing the load is your responsibility. Your Equipment Guys assumes no liability or responsibility for damages as a result of loads being improperly or inadequately secured.

Items must be picked up as soon as possible. Any item not picked up within 30 days from close of sale will be assessed a storage fee of $50. Any item not picked up within 60 days will be considered abandoned; ownership will return to the seller and all monies paid by you related to the item will be forfeited.

Your Equipment Guys accepts no liability for loss, theft, or damage to any item while stored in our warehouse.

Cancellation, Return, and Refund Policies

Cancellation Policy

Your Equipment Guys retains the right to cancel any order with a full refund and will not be held liable for any other loss or damage arising from such cancellation.

Any request for cancellation must be made and confirmed via email with Your Equipment Guys as soon as possible. If you call or speak to customer support, please be advised that cancellation is not confirmed without a confirmation email from Your Equipment Guys.

If a cancellation request is not received in a sufficient time frame for the shipment to be held by the supplier, it will be considered a request for return.

Refunds from cancelled orders will be subject to a 5% cancellation fee. This fee will be waived in the following situations:

  • There was a problem caused by Your Equipment Guys, its suppliers or its vendors, such as the item being discontinued or being on back-order.
  • The customer chooses to receive a store credit good for six months. (A refund of any balance of such, a store credit will be subject to the 5% cancellation fee.)

If the supplier does not allow a cancellation (such as for a manufactured-to-order item), the cancellation request may be denied or may be subject to higher cancellation fees (usually a minimum of 25%).

Custom or manufactured-to-order items cannot be cancelled. In rare circumstances, a custom or manufactured-to-order item that has not started production can be cancelled; however there is a minimum of 25% cancellation fee for such items.

You agree to abide by Your Equipment Guys decisions regarding cancellation fees.

Return Policy

Regularly stocked items may be returned within 30 days of receipt of the item.

Not all items will qualify for returns. Used equipment, custom or manufactured-to-order items, mishandled or misused equipment, and items that are not in resalable condition are ineligible for returns. Buyer’s remorse is not grounds for a return. Approval of return requests is at the sole discretion of Your Equipment Guys.

A standard restock fee of 25% will be applied to returns. This may be modified at the discretion of Your Equipment Guys. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

You must reach a return agreement with Your Equipment Guys and obtain a Return Authorization number prior to returning any items. There is no guarantee that a credit will be made for an unauthorized return.

Return eligible merchandise must be returned complete in unused, uninstalled condition with original packaging, accessories and instructions, and wrapped securely to protect from damage in shipping. Any item damaged while being returned to Your Equipment Guys is your responsibility.

Refused and returned goods will be inspected to assess fit for resale condition.

Refund Policy

In the process of a refund being issued by Your Equipment Guys, you will be responsible for the following costs unless otherwise stated in writing by Your Equipment Guys:

  • Original shipping costs, including shipping charges covered by promotional free shipping discount
  • Any accumulated storage fees from the carrier
  • Return shipping costs
  • Restocking fees
  • Cancellation fees
  • Repair or lost value charges for any damages incurred to product
  • Charges disclosed as non-refundable

If the seller agrees there is a misrepresentation, the seller will refund the purchase price of the merchandise upon its return to the specified return address.

Your Equipment Guys will deduct all applicable charges before issuing a refund.

Your account will be adjusted in the amount stated by Your Equipment Guys once all procedures have been followed.

If you fail to follow these terms and conditions, there will be no credit.

You must recognize that complexity of returns and cancellations may cause a refund to take up to two billing cycles. Your Equipment Guys customer service and accounting staff will work hard to complete the process as quickly as possible.

eBay Purchases

For any items sold through eBay, eBay’s rules and policies will govern if there is a conflict with any of the parts of these terms and conditions. Please refer to eBay payment options for a list of accepted payment methods for eBay.

All concerns should be addressed before bidding. It is your responsibility to know the shipping charges of the purchase before bidding on or buying an item on eBay.

Full payment is requested within 4 days of close of auction. After 8 days, the item will automatically be cancelled and scheduled for another auction. We will ask eBay for a refund of the fees we paid for the auction.