Although every effort has been made to photograph and describe this item accurately and completely, it is being sold “As Is” with no warranties expressed or implied. If it’s not in the picture, it probably doesn’t come with it. Please ask. We do not accept returns! This listing describes in detail all aspects of the item. And we also include a video that shows the unit in the working condition that we observe, if applicable. All units will be described exactly as they are!

LIMITED “Clean, Running & Shop Tested” WARRANTY

We take the “as-is” piece of equipment and do a minimum of work in the shop to make it a running, complete machine. It will be cleaned inside and out. It will be run tested in our shop. It will have all of its “OSHA” guards. It may or may not have new paint and/or electrical components. It will be mechanically and electrically tuned-up to just the basic level. Your Equipment Guys only warrants equipment shipped within the United States of America. Your Equipment Guys guarantees that the equipment will be in working order upon installation. Installation must be performed by an authorized Your Equipment Guys service agency. If an item sold by Your Equipment Guys, LLC. does not work upon delivery and cannot be fixed, Your Equipment Guys may in this case offer an in-store credit for another piece of equipment equal to the value of the item in question. Equipment is sold with a 30 day parts warranty. Your Equipment Guys will only pay for parts that are deemed necessary for the proper operation of the unit. Only parts purchased from a Your Equipment Guys authorized service agency will be honored.

All used equipment sales are final.  No returns, no refunds.

Used Items may not be returned because they do not meet the buyers needs. This means that if you buy a piece of equipment to perform a task that may not be it’s original purpose, we would be unable to exchange the item.  We urge you to ask as many questions as you feel needed before making your purchase.

If you have any questions please call us!!

We do not accept responsibility for damage after the item leaves our location. It will leave our building in good condition. Filing of damage claims with the freight carrier is the sole responsibility of the buyer.  Please inspect your items upon receipt.  Any damages must be documented with the freight carrier before they depart your location. We insure ALL of our shipments and take photographs when they are wrapped prior to shipping.

We also cannot warranty equipment. Warranties are only available from the manufacturer on new equipment for a limited time. If you prefer a warranty we suggest you pay the higher cost for new equipment. We test every piece we are capable of, prior to sending it out. We have tested this item and show it working in our pictures, but please be aware we are selling this item ‘AS IS’ and make no claims to the functionality of the item once it leaves our facility. We sell our equipment at a deep discount from the new price and want you to consider it as NOT WORKING regardless of the pictures so you understand that if you need a part like a thermostat or something… we do not account for this.

On refrigeration equipment, because the solder holding lines together becomes brittle over time, vibrations during shipping could cause it to crack and lead to a refrigeration leak. Occasionally an item we listed as “cooling” may no longer cool after shipping. Your cost to repair and recharge the system should be minimal. We do not cover this or accept returns because of this. Please understand we do not send an item that is not working unless specifically stated as such, so any refrigerated item that is not cooling once received probably needs to be checked out on your end. Again, we sell our equipment at a deep discount compared to the cost of new equipment. We cannot then be expected to make a repair as well. This is why we make sure it works properly before sending it to you the customer. Our reputation is very important to us and we work very hard at listing only our best equipment for sale, stating it accurately and honestly in the listing, and sending out only a quality product. Thank you for your interest in our equipment. PLEASE INSPECT THE PICTURES CAREFULLY.

On electrical items such as Heavy Duty Mixers, large coolers, etc… Your item may come without a plug. This is most typical with large mixers since many times they are hard wired directly into an electrical outlet. If this is the case you are required to have a certified electrician do your connection. Customers have improperly wired items sent to them and then called us claiming the item does not work. Many times this will blow the motor on equipment. We will not honor such a claim without proof of proper installation from a certified technician who is qualified to make such a connection.

** This item must be installed/wired by a licensed Equipment Installer/electrician. Your Equipment Guys, LLC will not be responsible for any issues concerning the equipment sold within the 14 day return period if the equipment was not installed by a licensed professional.

If your item includes free shipping** and you decide to return it for any reason, the shipping fees will be deducted from your refund. We do accept returns, but not for a claim of “Item doesn’t match the description” since we claim nothing towards the functionality.

Thank you!

**FREE SHIPPING includes business to business with standard ship only. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE A HOME BUSINESS OR ANY BUILDING IN A RESIDENTIAL AREA. THE SHIPPING COMPANIES DO NOT RECOGNIZE THEM AS BUSINESS SO IT WILL HAVE RESIDENTIAL RATES ATTACHED TO IT. If you require liftgate service or your business is deemed ‘LIMITED ACCESS’ by the shipping company, we will charge you accordingly once we get the quote for the extra service.

Your order will be delivered curbside on a full size 18 wheeler unless we are told you need other arrangements…

You are responsible for:

  • Removing the shipment from the truck
  • Bringing it into your location
  • Noting damaged or missing items on the carrier’s delivery receipt
  • If you do not make note of these issues in any way on the delivery receipt, we cannot guarantee any compensation for damaged or missing items. By signing your name on the delivery receipt without declaring these exceptions, you are stating that you have received your shipment in acceptable condition.

Upon inspection, if any piece of the shipment is damaged or missing:

  • Note it clearly on the delivery receipt before signing (ie – “missing 3 pieces”, “holes in packaging”, “multiple dents on table”, etc.)
  • Keep your copy of the delivery receipt
  • Contact us within 1 business day
  • Keep the damaged packing materials for inspection

Take pictures of the damaged items and packaging

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